One laptop per child, but not for my kid

The one laptop per child campaign is quite noble. While it is a bit more pricey then it was supposed to be, they are trying to get around it by asking people to buy one, and give one, all for $400 (A bit more than the $100 they thought it would cost, even with the falling price of the U.S. dollar.)

Only problem is, if you did get it to your kid, they would not be able to interact with other kids. The Fake Steve Jobs site said it best, with its recent mocking of the program. And cruel as it is, it is true. Kids these days don’t want a computer that is completely different from the ones their friends are using, or their parents for that matter. While it is great that it is rugged and all, it still is not an iBook.

I did consider doing it, wanting to be altruistic, but I wouldn’t be able to give the computer to my daughter who has had a Mac since she was 2 1/2 years old. She has never known a world without computers, and she doesn’t remember the pre-internet world. This OTPC computer is not aimed at her.

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