One good reason to leave, sob, Eudora for Mac Mail, spam filtering

This weekend, I had my laptop with me, and so had to use that to download mail. I have not put an email program onto the laptop, so was using the Mail program that comes with the new macs these days. As I was downloading email I was quite happy to see how much spam it was catching. It rarely caught any false positives. And these were the same types of spam I have been struggling with Eudora to recognize as spam. I mean, how much viagra and watches can one woman need?

Eudora is no longer being supported or upgraded, and I have been using it for many years, but I think this just shows me that there is a very good reason not to use programs that aren’t being updated, if nothing else then to catch spam better. The nice thing is that I didn’t even have to train the program to recognize this spam, the way the instructions tell you.

So, for those who have thought that Eudora is good enough, see how much spam is not being filtered, and ask again. And yes, I know there are filters that work with Eudora, and I might yet get those, but wow, a program that works just fine as it is created, what a concept.

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