On the winning team; go Apple

Just as no one wants to be the only one, so do Mac users not want their company to go out of business, because this is the computer they have been using, that they have the software for, that they understand. People, who don’t own Macs, don’t quite get it. If a PC maker goes out of business, they can still buy software for their computer, and there will be other PCs out there. But with Apple, if they were to go, they would be gone, and there would be no other computer to pick up the slack. :(

So, when I see that Apple’s stock is doing so well, I am happy. I am happy for the company, because that means they will be around when I want to buy my next Mac. I am happy that they will keep innovating. I don’t even mind that it is the iPod that is doing it, because, even though I don’t need to be plugged into music when I am out and about, I find it to be a cool device if I ever did need it.  And it is true, that it brings people who weren’t into the Mac world, at least close to it. I expect that MacWorld in San Francisco will be jammed this year, unlike in, what was it, 1996, when it was a ghost town. :(

I’ll write about MacWorld conferences at a later date. Just at first glance, it looks as though they have a good list of vendors for the hall, unlike the pathetic list from Seybold.

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