On giving up Mercury News subscription

I am a bit of a dinosaur in that I still read print editions of the newspaper. Up until sometime this month, I have read two papers, the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the San Jose Mercury News. I like to support local newspapers. I want them to continue to be around. But, as the papers have had to cut back and fire people, I noticed more and more of my favorite sections vanishing. I kept saying, well, as long as they still have such-and-such, I will still subscribe. And then that person would be let go, and I would have to think hard about keeping the subscription.

And when it came down that I would give up when they let Gary Richards go (which they haven’t, which is good) then I knew I was clutching at straws, despite liking to read Gary Richards, by the way. The front page is almost all wire, the business is almost all wire, the lifestyles and movie reviews are almost all wire. There is hardly anything local.

So, when the paper came up for renewal, I just decided not to. End of story.

It hasn’t stopped yet, although someone keeps stealing it, or it keeps not being delivered often enough that I don’t always get it, and on those days, I say, ah, this is what it will be like. And one morning, when I didn’t get either paper, I put my lap top on the table, and read the news and comics while eating breakfast, but that didn’t feel quite right at all. I still like having the paper to shift through.

So, farewell to the Mercury News. It’s been good to know you. But the paper I knew and loved is long gone.

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