OK, I used Bing, after Google didn’t get me what I wanted, so shoot me

I used Bing today, for the first time, on purpose, so the $100K they are spending even filtered down to me, thought I don’t watch TV commercials, and I don’t listen to much commercial radio.

Why did I use it? Because I was trying to find out what “displaced hedgehog” meant. A woman I know in Finland, who is moving back to the UK after 20 years, said she was a displaced hedgehog, and I had no idea what it meant, though I liked the phrase, so I though, oh, I’ll do a quick search on Google. Nada. Even when I put the quotes around it, the phrase did not come up. I was just about to do Google in the U.K, when I thought, oh the heck with it, try Bing.

Bing found the phrase. It found it on someone’s blog. It was from Moomin series of books, which would make sense that my friend would know the phrase, a) because Tove Johnsonn is from Finland, and b) it is a children’s book, and that is her discipline.

Will I use it again? Yes, if Google can’t find it first, so there, a use for Bing.

Now, I’ll quietly go back to hating Microsoft again.

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