Very distressing times, with off-shoring happening. According to this site, there are now 37 professions that are being off-shored.

Not just high tech, but Loan clerk and tax preparers and insurance underwirters. *sigh*

In looking at the list, I see jobs that my friends all hold. We will be a nation of store clerks soon. Where is Henry Ford when you need him. Henry Ford made sure that he paid a wage to his workers that would allow them to buy the products they were making.

I have had experience in this. I was recently working with a company that had off-shored it’s website. They thought they were saving so much money, by off-shoring to India. The problem was, they discovered, the when they wanted changes, they had to wait a day to see them, and that if they wanted to make further changes, or if something wasn’t right, they had to wait another day. They were so worried that I couldn’t make the deadline, that they gave most of the work to them, and then, when I not only made my deadline, but did all the work that needed to be done that they hadn’t done, they are now talking about having me do all updates now.

And it turned out they weren’t saving all that much. They said my prices and those of the firm in India were about the difference of about 10-15%.

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