Office Max and prices

OK, I'm sure there is a reason for this, such a cookies, or some such stuff, and perhaps this is the way the internet is, but I still think it is sneaky and underhanded.

I got a coupon in the mail, you know, the deadtree version, and it gave me a $30 off my next order from OfficeMax. Oh, boy, I thought.I need a new printer cartridge, I'll order that and get it sent with my coupon. So I logged onto OfficeMax, and got ready to place my order, when I thought, that is odd, it seems more expensive then I recall it being, and got ready to place my order, when my browser crashed, so I went to my laptop, and logged in, and noticed the price was less expensive, because I had not logged in. I was ordering an HP Color LaserJet 06570A Black Toner Cartridge that had been $161 when I was logged in, and was now $154.99. 

What kind of sh*t is that? When I logged in, the price jumped up to the $161, but since I had a coupon for $30 off, I at least paid less then the $154.99, but why give me a false sense of savings?  I would still have gotten the free shipping, either way.

I would rather that they played fair instead of pulling this kind of thing on me. 

It will think twice before I order again from them.

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  • CIDU Bill Says:

    This is actually pretty common: Amazon’s prices vary according to whether where you live (competition), whether you’ve ordered similar items in the past, how well an item is selling at the moment, and the phase of the moon.

  • admin Says:

    I’m told this is true for Airplane tickets as well, that if you order them from a computer where you have cleared your cache you can get a better deal.

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