Not evenryone is online

Sometimes you just have to slow down and take a look around. Because so many of us who work online in what used to be called Internet time, we forget that the whole world isn’t linked. We forget that there are those who are not online all the time, but not online, ever.

I went to visit a childhood friend. She is in her 90s, and laments the fact that the photos her kids are sharing are not being given to here. That places are often only online. That she can’t even call them to order a product. She does use catalogues, and does write checks.

I suppose most people don’t care about her kind, don’t care about people like my mother, who, although she owns a computer, doesn’t use it for anything more than a really good typewriter. But these people still exist. They work. They shop. They may not be that demographic that the world seems to shoot for, but they are still there, just as there are still dial up people in the world.

We always think more is better, and flashier, and longer to load sites don’t matter because we are all on DSL, with really fast computers, but that isn’t true.

There is another world out there.

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