Not available for the Mac

My ex called me the other day to ask to borrow a computer. I’ve got six, so I said sure, although she has two at her place. Then she said she need my one wintel machine. I asked why. She said that the course she was taking at college only came for Windows. She had complained to the college, but they said they hadn’t bothered to put it out for the Mac because they said “There was no call for it.” They told her to use the computers at school, but since she works, she studies at 1 a.m. so that wasn’t practical.

This got me to thinking. I have run into this before. Other than the programs I use, which all are for the Mac of course, most programmers make the Mac version after they have made the PC version. Sometimes years later, sometimes months later. Even stuff on the Internet comes that way. i belong to several lists where people talk about the greatest thing they have ever used, and I run off to that page, to find, of course, that it is only available on the PC. I worked with a client, once, who insisted on using this program to draw a site map. I usually draw them in Illustrator. But she had done it in this program, so I downloaded it on my one PC, and didn’t find it all that much better that what I could have drawn in Illustrator.

I know, I know, this has a good side too. The viruses and spyware and adware are only written for the PC, so I should find myself blessed, right?

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