No you can’t convert CorelDraw to Illustrator

Actually, that isn’t totally true, as I learned by trying to do this, you can convert, but you either need:

  • A copy of Correl Draw (hard if you are on a Mac)
  • or a  friend with a copy of CorelDraw

Oh, there are websites out there, that say they will convert for you, but you have to send them the file, and then they will turn it around for you. There does not appear to be a filter, or any kind of add-on for Illustrator to make the conversion.

When I was Googling this info, as I had a CorelDraw image to convert, people got rather annoying, asking for help, and the responses were almost always, “Get a Copy of CorelDraw and export it so that it is can be opened by Illustrator”. (And of course this is not a solution to those of us with a Mac) One responder even asked why someone would want to do this, and why they just couldn’t ask the original producer of the file to convert it.

So, that is the quick answer. Either have a PC that you can download the free trail on, or have a friend who can convert it for you, or go back to the original artist and ask them to save it to something compatible.

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