New stuff we might need from Macromedia

Finally, after what seems like years, but probably is not, Macromedia is coming out with a new suite, called Studio 8. Now how they chose that name, who knows. Perhaps they didn’t want to tie it into the year, so people wouldn’t notice that it was getting old. (The last suite was called 2004 MX).

What is interesting about this newest offering is what is in the package. I did a survey for Macromedia a while back and they kept asking if we wanted Contribute to be included in the bundle. As I said then, and I’ll say again, including contribute is a complete waste of space. If you have Dreamweaver, why in the world would you want Contribute as well. It’s like getting a car bundled with a tricycle. You are going to use one, or the other, not both.

But what I found the most interesting is that the suite offers something called "Flash paper", which at first glance seems quite stupid, but at second glance, is not quite as stupid as it sounds. What it does is create something that is like a pdf, but doesn’t require a pdf driver to load and display the document. It loads like flash but has no movement. It is, perhaps, the best of both worlds, but since the product doesn’t ship until Sept., I don’t know yet. It sounds rather exciting though. If it truly does load as easily as it says, than perhaps that will replace pdfs on websites. I love PDFs, but I hate when they appear on websites. Give me HTML or nothing at all. But, if I got the choice of having Flash Paper, I wouldn’t mind that. I tried cutting and pasting, and you can do so easily, something I haven’t been able to do with Flash products at all, and believe me I have tried.

I wonder what is going to happen when Adobe absorbs Macromedia? In fact, I’m a little surprised that they are doing a product release, while in the throws of being acquired. Will "Flash Paper" be incorporated into Acrobat? I guess time will tell.

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