New stuff all the time

How long do you wait to buy the latest do-dad, knowing that the minute you do, it will be outdone by something else. *sigh*. Cameras, Computers, cell phones, you name it. Don’t get me started on things like mp3 players or anything more sophisticated than a cd player. They will become obsolete the moment you plunk down your money.

I just did a search for 3 mega-pixel cameras, which is not a new thing, but what about 3 mega-pixel camera phones? Apparently they are going to come out on the market soon. As I said in another blog, they are making it so that cell phones will be what pdas were hoping to be. I was out for the day, without my purse, but had my cell phone, so could take photos, send messages, and I suppose, if I’d had the books with me, sent text messages and played games as well, all with something so small it fit in my breast pocket. Amazing.

But the lure of the new is a big thing. We want the newest of everything, even though the old hasn’t fallen apart yet. I usually wait three years between buying new computers, or I would lose my mind (and a lot of money), ten years between cars, and at least two years between cell phones.

I haven’t figured out how long between digital cameras though. I keep lusting after each new one that comes out. What are they up to now? I think the first digital camera was one that Apple put out. I recently dug it up and gave it away. The next one is a FixePix 6800, which became obsolete as soon as I bought it, as usual. I believe the FixePix are up to 5 mega-pixels now. And the latest issue of Popular Photography listed five cameras that were 8 mega-pixel to lust after.

It’s a problem. We are in a deposable economy, and we’re geared to buying new stuff, and throwing out the old, and were will it end? Debtors’ prison and a land fill.

Still, a new camera would be cool.

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