New Business Ideas, open a soap shop

This doesn’t so much have to do with graphic design but with what people feel they can open a shop with. I live in a small town. People who have money to shop tend to only be here on the weekend, as they work over the hill in Silicon Valley. Those who live on this side of the hill don’t tend to have a large amount of discretionary income. The businesses that survive tend to understand this, so the liquor stores and small markets stay open, for the most part. Those that are trying to sell other things, unfortunately, tend to fold within a year. We have had a skateboard/surf shop, and any number of little boutiques come and go.  Lately people have been opening up either antique clothing or consignment or just plain clothes stores. I’m sure there must be a market for this, but not here. I believe we now have three clothing shops all in a row.

There was one shop that hung on for over a year, that sold mostly young women’s clothing (read teenage girls), that folded over the winter holidays. Today I see that it is being taken over by a soap shop. A soap shop.

While I agree that soap is quite cool to buy, and I have seen vendors selling it at both the farmer’s market as well as outside of their house, (along with home made pies), I don’t think they should open a shop to just soap.

But, of course, no one asks my opinion. Perhaps this shop will survive. Or, it will go the way of the clothing store, the bead store, the other stores that were there before it.

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  • Stanton Says:

    I understand what you think, but for some of us, who love to make soap and find it an absolutly a wonderful way to make a difference, its sad you feel that way.
    Soap is a personal thing, it can either relax you after a very bad day or give you the energy to press on.
    I understand that in any town small businesses have to fight to stay opened, but my question to you is… you have a choice, purchase a mass produced 99 cent bar of soap filled with fillers and sub quality ingredients or pay the extra and ejoy your artisinal hand crafted soap with essential ois and pure ingredeints?
    As a blogger you have the power to close a small business with one sentence, or help a small soap store continue with a sentence that would create interest. Dont you love choices???

  • Laura R. Says:

    Actually, I have since bought from them, as well as from other local vendors of soap.

    That being said, I have nothing against home made soap. It is the only soap I buy these days.

    My point was that it isn’t a destination sort of shop. That for a town of 2000 or so residents, you would think it would be more practical.

    We currently have a used book shop that opened up in the back of the Taqueria. Who would have thought of that combination?

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