Netscape is gone, so long.

In Vindu’s View from the Valley, the other day, he pointed out that AOL is pulling the plug on Netscape. And like most of us, his response was, wow, I didn’t know it was still alive.

Time was, of course, that you used Netscape all the time. I remember building my first sites to look good on that, before the internet became big, and MS Explorer took over. I was never enamered of Explorer, because they kept "forgetting" to update it for the Mac. Then, they just left us by the side of the road, for Safari, which I have to say, I quite like now.

Of course, when we were first abandoned I had went to FireFox. I loved Firefox. I used it all the time. But lately, as it keeps updating, it seems to be getting slower, and Safari still seems to be sleep and quick, the way FireFox was when it first came out. 

Odd to think that Netscape was even out there at all, but apparently there were still .6 percent of the web population still using it. I guess they will have to go elsewhere.

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