NDAs, and how they don’t work well with blogs

At lot of the work I do, which I don’t write about here, involved NDA (non-disclosure agreements). I have signed quite a few over the years, and this restricts me talking about any of the cool stuff I am up to. It is quite odd, for writing a blog, that the stuff that would be the most interesting, is hiding behind an NDA.

I recently had to rewrite a blog entry, retroactively, because I wrote it before I signed the NDA, and the client saw what I had written and asked how I could have said what I said, having signed an NDA. I rewrote the blog, took out anything the was troubling them, and they was fine with it after that.

The journalism major in me, doesn’t like having to do that, but the business woman in me, says, do it, and be continue to get the work.

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