My wish list for the next print layout program

Going back and forth between print and web gets me to thinking about how easy it is to make changes on the web, verses making changes to web pages. It is so easy to do updates, to change where the picture is pointing, to do so much on the web (except of course make it look exactly the same across all platforms).

So, I have a wish list, if anyone is listening, of features I would like on the next version of Quark or InDesign or even FrameMaker.

I want to be able to update and switch around graphics as easily as I do in html. That would be my first wish. It is so easy to go into the code and type one letter change, and have the whole graphic be replaced. It makes life so much easier and quicker. I find myself trying to do that when I go into Quark or InDesign or even FrameMaker, but none do so, and so I am stuck, having to do it the old-fashioned way of having to either place the graphic again, which means resizing it to look the same, or overwriting the old graphic, which might not be what I wanted to do all along, especially if I am doing different versions of the same print piece, and just want to see how it would look.

The other thing I would like, is like html, that if you didn

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