My search for a screen saver for the Mac

I thought this would be an easy blog. I used to have “After Dark” on my old Mac, and loved it, as did my daughter, who was always making my computer go into sleep mode so she could see what was going on. After dark was made by Berkeley Systems, and now it appears to be made by someone called Infinisys. It sill have flying toasters though, and fish. I bought and downloaded it, but somehow it wasn’t the same, so I thought I would look into other screen savers, such as I had seen on some of my client’s screens when I visited. It was more cartoon-like. It was not the real look I was looking for. It wasn’t quite what I wanted. Despite being busy this week, I decided to look further.

One such that I was interested in was the fish tank. You would be amazed how many fish tanks there are out there as screen savers. One that I liked was Serene Screen. There were 226 pages listed in Google, but not all fish screen savers are the same, and some sites I went to talked about actually putting real fish in a monitor, which wasn’t what I wanted at all.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for them, I had to purchase both of these modules in order to see how they really worked. But, you get what you pay for, right, and Serene Screen appears to be well worth it’s price. So, now I can go back to my busy day.

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