MS Office, now with media

Glory be, the Microsoft Office 2008 is actually coming out in 2008. Will wonders never cease. Of course, it isn’t out yet. But you can pre-order it. Since I haven’t tested it yet, I can’t say that much about it, but I did notice something interesting. Apple is offering it here. You can buy three versions. You can get one for Students and the home. You can get the regular office for the office, or you can get the new improved media version.

What is it with media? Creative Suite 3 also had a lot of media bundled into it that I didn’t need, but perhaps I am just finding a trend. MS Office (and word in particular) tried to be all things to all people, so if they are now offering media, who am I to find. The Media version comes with Server Support, Automatic actions for work flows, and Microsoft expression media. Do I need any of this? I doubt it. What I usually use MS products for is for people on the PC. People who only work in Excel and Word and PowerPoint. I try not to use word that often, but people will use it. Sigh.

So will I pay an extra for the feature? I doubt it. I have other programs that do it better. I still say Word should  not try to be a layout program. It does it very poorly.

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  • willethompson Says:

    Word as a ‘layout program?’ I get Word docs from clients all the time with imbedded pix. “Can you use these?” they ask. “Sure!” I say, “The same way you can drive your riding lawn mower on I-5!”

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