Mouse Mitts and other things you need

There are many things they don’t tell you when you buy a computer. They don’t’ tell you what sort of desk to buy or what sort of chair, or what sort of monitor, or what sort of keyboard return, or what sort of keyboard, or anything.

I won’t tell you what computer to buy, because I’m biased towards Macs, but I can give you advice on what to buy once you have made the purchase, to make your life more comfortable.

The cheapest purchase to make is to get yourself some “mouse mitts“. These are wonderful, and save you from having sore writs from mousing around. I only use one, because I spend a lot of time on the mouse. People who type tell me that they like to have two of them. At first people used to make fun of me when they saw me wearing them, but I have also shown how comfortable they are, and turned several people on to them.

So, the next thing you should buy is a good keyboard. If you are on a Mac, then I would recommend MacAlly. They make great keyboards. I cam currently using the icekey. The Mac keyboard that came with the G5 had it’s “f” keys all bunched together, which made it hard to find them by feel. I had used a MacAlly keyboard on my G4, so i naturally felt more comfortable with one on the G5.

The next thing you should get is a Keyboard Gel Wrist Support. Unfortunatelythe company that made mine seems to not make them anymore. So this site has the closest I could find.

And finallly, at least for this list, see if you can get an AeronChair. I know that sounds elitist, and they are very expensive, but they are soooo much easier to sit in for long periods of time, that I would recommend it. I first started seeing them at client’s offices, and using them there, and discovered I could sit for quite a long time, and still be comfortable (and that makes a difference if you are pulling an all-nighter.)

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