More rants on Creative Suite 3

As I was saying yesterday, I recently installed CS3 on my Mac. I don’t tend to upgrade unless my client has tarted using the product, thus forcing my hand. If a product is working fine, then I keep using it, such as Quark 4.2, which went on for years and years, as everyone felt about the same, and then InDesign left them in the dust.

The think I hate about upgrading, other than doing the actual upgrade, is learning a new interface. For the most part, the only thing that has changed a lot is PhotoShop, but I’m sure I will find other programs have changed in more subtle ways, as I use them.  The way I learn is by using, so since I use Dreamweaver the most, that was when I discovered a change that I did not approve of. I was trying to pre-format a page in on a junk page. I sometimes et up junk pages when I have to pour a lot of word copy into multiple pages in Dreamweaver, and thus, I will be setting up things such as anchors that aren’t meant to be used on the junk pages, but on different pages in the site.

So, I was setting up the anchors, when the program informed me that I had made a mistake. I surely didn’t want to have to anchor links with the same name. There must have been a mistake, and here, let me give you a different anchor name. There, now, isn’t that better? I finally had to copy and past the anchor link in order to get what I wanted. Odd that it hadn’t thought of that work around.

Now, granted, I did set the program to find broken tags, so perhaps this is an extension of it, and if so, I suppose I can live with it.

Listen Adobe, if you want to know what feature I would really like added to CS4 would be to open multiple websites at once, so if I had corrections on one, and another client had corrections on another, I would have to keeping going back and forth, but like two Photoshop files, or two InDesign books, or files, I could go back and forth between the too.

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