More on Phishing

How is the industry going to recover from all these phishing scams? How are they going to get users to trust them? As I wrote Friday, it has become a $2.4 million industry, so to speak. An article in the ecommerce times says that the future of email is under attack. Will we lose this great thing that we now take for granted as part of our lives?

Part of the problem is that there are so many Microsoft users, and thus a lot of Internet Explorer users. According to Internet Week, one of the fatal flaws of IE is that it can allow false web addresses to be embedded in an email to misdirect users to a phishing site. Other browsers don’t do this. IT Week suggests that the answer is just to switch browsers. (Interestingly enough, ITWeek doesn’t look right in Camino, Safari, or Firefox but, at least, on the Mac, it does look right in Opera (they need to test their sites). Interestingly enough as well, the ad that is running on that page is for a Microsoft product. Hmm.

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