More on offshoring

OK, I know the world is going to hell in a handbasket when I see articles like the one in the Washington Post. Colin Powell, secretary of state was in India where he told the Indians that the Bush administration would “…not try to halt the outsourcing of high-technology jobs to their country.” This was also reported in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, where the headline spoke about how he was really trying to get India to import more goods from the US and in the New York Times where the headline hinted more to what he was saying.

Apparently, until they can outsource Powell’s job, he isn’t a bit worried. He said, “”Outsourcing is a natural effect of the global economic system and the rise of the Internet and broadband communications. You’re not going to eliminate outsourcing; but, at the same time, when you outsource jobs it becomes a political
issue in anybody’s country.”

Great. Wish I could find the Onion joke about the government of the US being outsourced to India, but I don’t see it in the achieves.

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