Mistakes I have made

Mistakes, I’ve made them. Yes, I have. When they are in print, they disappear and people don’t see them. Ah, but when they are on the web, the whole world gets to see them.

I was visiting a site I worked on a long time ago, because a client was asking me about something on that site, and I saw it. The title of the page had nothing to do with what the page was. Instead, there it was for the world to see, it said “index.gif”. I called the client up, and told her, and apologized, asked to fix it, but since she hadn’t noticed it, she didn’t see any rush…so it is still up there. Sob. :(

But, I am not alone. I did a Google search for “index.gif” and discovered I am not the only one who has made that mistake. No, about 155,000 others have made that mistake. I’m sort of surprised they haven’t gone back to fix it. It really does make you look unprofessional. It’s almost as bad as having “Untitled Document” which 4, 010,000 have. That’s what you get for not changing the title that Dreamweaver has when you open it.

Or perhaps, this is just a testament to how many people use Dreamweaver, as opposed to GoLive, which starts a new page called “untitled.html, of which there are only 16,700 documents.

However, the index.gif is caused by using something such as fireworks, which cuts up your images, and uses the name of the images for the page title. Just for kicks, I looked up default.gif, but there were only 12,100 pages with that mistake.

One day soon there will be one less, when I finally get access to that website again, and change it what it should be.

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