Misheard lyrics, Ten out of Ten

I mishear lyrics all the time. I misheard Paul Simon’s “Outrageous” as having a line that said “Whose going to love you when your lips are gone” which I thought was rather an odd sentiment. I was happy to hear that it was “Whose going to love you when your looks are gone.” I misheard “Baby you can ring my bell” as “Baby you can read my mail”. And although I did not really mishear the lyrics of the Killers song “Are we human“, I did like the version that someone said they heard which went “Are we human, or are we hamsters”

But, when I heard “Ten out of Ten” by Paolo Nutini, I had no idea what the title of the song was, because I kept hearing it as “I can be immortal too, while getting out of bed”. I kept listening, and thinking, well, perhaps he is singing “getting out of debt.” The problem was that the programmers on the air kept saying the name of the singer so fast that I couldn’t hear the name of the song. Finally, I got a playlist of one of the shows that played it, but didn’t see anything that even looked like “Getting out of bed”. I knew it was a male singer, so went and looked at all the lyrics of all the singers and none looked like what I was hearing. Even when I finally heard that the song was 10/10 by Paolo Nutini, and I looked at the lyrics, they didn’t look like what I heard.

Finally, I watched a youtube of a concert, and read the lyrics as he sang, and realized that yes, if I read the lyrics, I could here “I wanna get ten out of ten”.


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