Microsoft goes into anti-virus business

Microsoft is planning to go into the Antivirus business. Sounds like an oxymoron, or something. I mean, isn’t that a little like making a fox in charge of security for the hen house? Here it is that all the viruses out there are because of Microsoft security flaws. Why don’t they just fix the flaws. That would put all the Anti-Virus companies out of business faster then going into the business itself.

As was pointed out in the Silicon Valley Biz Ink magazine, Microsoft also would have the advantage of having written the code that was being attacked, so, in theory, they would know how to fix it. And CRN news said that it would be a bit of a conflict of interest. This might cause them to stop offering free bug fixes, and ending up charging people for their mistakes (the breach of their code).

Symantec, putting on a brave face, said, oh well, its alright if Microsoft isn’t giving it away fro free. At least that way it will start out as a level playing field.

But, despite not liking Microsoft all that much, I was thinking what would happen if Apple came out with anti-viral software for the Mac (if the Mac had the same problem as the PC with viruses). Of course I would buy it, because no one understand the Mac like Apple. So I’m sure most PC users will come to the same conclusion about Microsoft, whether it is free or now. Go to the source.

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