MacWorld is a comin’

One of the cool things about living in Northern California, at least for this Mac fan, is the proximity to both Apple Computer (just off the I-280) as well as MacWorld. I have been to every MacWorld, San Francisco since it began. I was even there when hardly anyone was there, when people thought the Mac was dead. The best part of MacWorld is that something is unveiled there, and the rumors, as usual, are that something will be unveiled this year as well.

This year it is predicted it will be the low-end Mac. There is speculation that this might have some credence because Apple is suing someone over leaking secrets, although they won’t say who they are suing, or what the secret is. There is also speculation that it might be a low-end iPod. Both could just be wishful thinking, however, as the Mercury News pointed out, Mac is this the BMW of computers, and you don’t see BMW putting out $10K cars, just so everyone can afford them.

So what will be released? Who knows, but the faithful, such as I, will be there when MacWorld opens in about a week, or so.

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