MacMail vs Eudora

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most Mac users don’t use outlook unless forced to by the end of a pointy stick.

So really, the only two choices for those migrating over to OSX is either Eudora or Mail (Mac Mail). Mail is cool. It comes with the system, but its junk mail filtering leaves a lot to be desired. It tries, oh, it tries to learn all the bad spam that is out there, but it just can’t seem to get it. I tried it for about four months, and just go frustrated. I missed Eudora. True, I could see HTML emails, which was a big plus, but usually I didn’t want to. They were mostly spam.

So, when I finally gave up, and went back to Eudora, I haven’t missed Mail at all. It’s filter works wonderfully. It doesn’t filter out friends that might say things spam like, because people who are in my address book don’t get thrown in the “junk folder” Yes, it isn’t enough to just filter out key words, as some people do, because sometimes people who you know and like use those words. Rape can be a bad word, or it can be talking about Rape Prevention.

And yes, there are things that are wrong with it. The worse is that it trucates threads if someone writes below a thread. sigh

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