Mac OS 10.4 is a comin’

I am of the belief if I wait long enough, the new edition of anything will show up. I waited long and hard for the G5 to come out, and I have been waiting long and hard for OS 10.4, since there were flaws in 10.3, and apparently it is now coming out. According to Apple Insider it is going to be known as Tiger (I wonder if all of the updates will be feline in nature. What happens when we go to OS 11? Marsupials? [According to MacRumors, we will probably have Lynx, Cougar, and Leopard, but probably not Tigger.] And, of course, it appears we are becoming even closer to the PC platform. At first it was them copying us. Now, it appears we will be copying them.

There are still things that of course, that only Apple would think of I’m sure. Mac News Network says that there is going to be a spoken word interfaced. This will be so cool. I have a friend who is legally blind, and he has a text reader that reads to him. Apparently this is so much more.

The first time developers are going to see a public demonstration of Tiger will be at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 28th. We, the common folk, probably won’t be able to buy it until Oct. or so. I may just skip 10.3 all together and move on to 10.4, but not until I know that all my software will work with it, always a problem.

I’m getting tired of upgrading my OS. I am quite happy with 10.2, and would prefer it if Apple would stop issuing new versions, just when I get used to the old version. According to several reports, I may be saved, and Apple will slow down it’s upgrades. This will give me a chance to learn all of the stuff I need to learn to run the darned thing, and make it sing.

And it will give all those OX 9 stragglers a chance to catch up as well.

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