Losing your cell phone

Have you ever lost your cell phone? My daugther has, several times, as have some of my friends. What do you do when that happens. Well, a friend called her cell phone, and the person that answered it said he would return it after he had finished with his call, but that is another story. My daughter tried calling it, but got no answer, so we had no idea where it had gone. (She had tried it before when the phone was simply in the car, and we could hear it ringing and find it that way).

We got a call, this morning, from the person that had it. How do you think people call you if you don’t usually have your home number on the phone (although some people do)? I heard this first years ago, but what most people do is they look through the address book for an entry called "Mom", and call that number, as "Mom" will usually know where the person who lost the phone is.

And sure enough, that was how we got the phone call. Someone had called "Mom" to ask if we had lost a phone, which we had.

Made me wonder if people whose mothers have died ever get their phone back when they lose it?

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  • linny Says:

    I never thought of that; that’s actually kind of funny. this reminds me of that story of the T-Mobile sidekick that was lost in a cab and then the person who found it wouldn’t return it. The whole story got posted online to embarrass the people who took it and it turned into a huge deal – with millions of people reading it. the story is here: http://www.evanwashere.com/StolenSidekick/
    somewhat unrelated, but if you ever need to get rid of an old phone (yours or someone else’s. LOL!), don’t throw it away, recycle it! The Wirefly recycling site will give you more than $50 per phone if you send it to recycle. That’s a nice bit of pocket change.
    thanks for the tip about “mom”! :)

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