Losing Power (Electrical that is)

We lost power the other day, for about five hours. I am used to loosing power in the Winter. It happens every Winter, in this area, as the wind and rains take down trees and electrical lines, but it is unusual in the Summer, and so I wasn’t ready when I was working along, on a Thursday afternoon, with deadlines looming for Friday when the power went out, and there wasn’t anything I could do about it, except go out to eat and see a movie, hoping the power would come back on, so I could finish up my deadlines.

It was odd to be without power. I kept thinking I could work on something, but couldn’t think of anything I could do that didn’t require power, other than reading, or listening to my iPod.

Fortunately,  the power came back up about 10pm, and I was able to put in the lost time, working until 4am, but, once again I thought about getting either a generator or solar power. But, if nothing happens again until winter, I probably will push that thought to the back of the pile, until it happens again.

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