Loopy finder problems with OS 10.4.11

I am writing this to spare others the problem I have had over the past few weeks, since doing a system update. The problem is that I would be typing, and suddenly the finder would loop and come to the top. Or I would have an open window, and the window would close and the finder background would go away. This kept happening every other minute. I would be typing an email, and discover that half of what I had typed wasn't there, because now the finder was on top again. I would scream, restart, and look for a solution. 

Finally, doing this search "problems with OS 10.4.11 finder brought up the answer, and here it is.  The short answer, after you read down the list, is 

"In your system preferences go to the bottom and click on the Stuffit AVR option. Click the Stuffit AVR tab on the left, and click the "STOP" button. "

That was it. All the other solutions I have tried have done nothing to help.

Now, as they say, I have my life back.

So, hopefully, you will too.

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