Logos keep on changing

When I first started in Graphic Design, low those many years ago, most logos were done by hand. As the computer age opened, people did start doing logos in Illustrator, but most were still done by hand. In fact, one of my first jobs at an ad agancy, back in 1986, was to transfer the logos we had as "stats" into the computer by redrawing them in Illustrator. Some were quite difficult to do.

Now, of course, most people do them on the computer. And it shows.  And they all look the same, or similar, as is pointed out by this site, Logo Lounge, where it talks about the trends of 2007.

Just as the early web companies of 1999 or so, all looked as though they were drawn on a napkin, with those spirals, and swishes, the latest crop has similariies to each other too, as this article points out. I remember for a time it was all drop shadows all the time. And, one of the things this article points out, is that designers are only thinking of the web, not how the logos will look in print, or on a business card, or in a black and white ad.

I had this problem recently with a client whose logo looked fine on their business card, because you could print it big enough to read all the words in it, but when it was put into a little ad, you couldn’t even figure out what it was supposed to be. If you made it big enough to read, it would have taken up the whole ad, so we removed it.

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