LinkedIn and FaceBook, are they both trying to be more like the other?

In a recent Tech Notebook, it was noted that LinkedIn is picking up features of Facebook, which earlier had moved from being for students to being for business  The new feature? Photos. Not the embarrassing kind such as you might find on Facebook, but the professional kind the make you look, well, professional. It used to be only real estate, insurance agencies and mortgage brokers would put their photo out there. Now, I guess everyone wants to show off their mug. It might be a bit like dating thought. Our photos will be younger and better looking than we are, or have ever been.

I always find it odd when companies decide to go after different markets when they are doing just fine int he market they are in. I had heard, a while back, that people were jumping ship from LinkedIn, and going to FaceBook, or that we should be on both to make good connections. Andreas, whose blog and newsletter I read from time to time, recommended switching back in August.

So, I will watch from the sidelines, and who knows, perhaps the two will merge and I won’t have to be part of two different networks.

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