Life and Work

Thinking about what I wrote yesterday, I was going to write about how to negotiate deadlines, but I think I will do that tomorrow. Today I will talk about adventures.

I drove my daughter to school today, no big deal, except there was a snow last night, which is unusual for where we live, and they had not put up all the road closed signs, so I drove on a closed road, very slowly. I didn’t know it was closed, so I was very careful to drive in the tread tracks of others, as I drove down Empire Grade.

So what does this have to do with freelancing? Well, I usually time it so that I get back home by 8:45 am to plunge into my work day, but, even as my daughter said she was going to be late for school, I said it is better to be late then not get there at all.  This is something we often forget rushing from place to place; that yes we have to get to work, and make deadlines, and do what we said, but we also have to be careful when we emerge into the real world and drive and do things that take concentration.

My favorite snow story, which shows how clients don’t always think about your well-being, in their panic to meet their deadlines, is when it snowed here, at 500 feet (very unusual), and the power went out, so I couldn’t work, and my client said, well, drive somewhere and email me the files I need. I had to explain that the road was closed as well and when the road opened, yes, I would drive somewhere and email her.

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