Let’s go out and look at the Halloween decoration

I can’t find any stories about this on-line, so I figure this is a Saturday musing, but has anyone noticed that Halloween decorations are getting as elaborate as Christmas ones? My neighbor across from me has lights, and decorations and all sorts of bats and stuff out in front of her house, and turns on the Halloween lights every night just the same way she does when she has Christmas lights up.

But it isn’t just her. As I drive home, I see all sorts of lights and ornaments. It used to be just a ghost outside, or a squashed witch.  When did it become de reguer to put up Halloween decorations? Have they, the they that market these sorts of things, decided that they want more than just candy sales?

It is pleasant to look at, though uses up electricity the same as Christmas lights do. I wonder if all the other holidays will be getting elaborate displays soon?

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  • willethompson Says:

    The creepy part of those huge inflatable decorations is when the owners turn off the fans that power them and they lie like post-Rapture husks on the lawn.

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