Leopard is a coming, October 26th be to exact

OK, if you own a Mac, you must know that Leopard is coming out on Friday. I say this, because MacZone, Apple and who knows who else have been sending me reminders of that fact. In fact, Apple even says that I can order it now, and have it shipped to arrive on Friday, as though it was the latest Harry Potter, and I needed to read…install it right away.

Right, sure. Thanks, but no thanks. What, how can that be. Don’t I want to be the first on my block to have the latest operating system. Well, no. I love Apple, and all that, but I never install new operating systems when the first come out, and certainly not the first day. Heck, I waited until I could not longer run programs, before I upgraded to OS 10. I waited until I couldn’t run the latest Adobe software before I went up to OS 10.4. Like heck am I going to jump on the bandwagon and install OS 10.5, no matter how pretty it looks, and how cool it looks. Apple is touting it as though it was the second coming, or, at least as they put it, a new Mac for your Mac.

I take the approach that I will not be the pioneer, but wait for others to find out what goes wrong when you upgrade. I need all my programs running, thank you very much, and since I use my computer every day for work, I need it to work now, not a week from now. So, I guess everyone else will be having fun with all the cool new features, while I continue to work, and perhaps when Apple has released the first few fixes, I will jump into the pool and play.

One side note, I do have to compliment Apple on, when I do upgrade, I will be buying the family pack. How smart of them to know that Mac users usually have more than one Mac they have to upgrade. I have four that I will need to do it to. And once I do, I’m sure I will enjoy all the new cool things that Leopard has, from the new kind of back up (time machine), the new look of the desk top, and the new version of Safari. But in the meantime, I’ll sit here and enjoy working on a Mac that works.

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