Leaving voicemail because you don’t want to chat

Do you sometimes want to leave voice messages, but you are afraid the person you are calling will pick up? Well, you aren’t the only one. In fact, perhaps a lot of people just want to drop, what I have called in the past, a voice-postcard. You know, "hi, I’m fine, hope you are fine too. Bye."

So Core Mobility has come up with just such a thing. They call it "Voice SMS", and although it only works on other cell phones (it’s a cell phone to cell phone thing), they feel that sometime they will have it available for land-lines as well. For some reason the inventor also has created it to work cell-phone to email, which although it sounds weird at first, makes sense. I have, many times, been called on my cell phone, and told the person to send me an email, so I can remember what we talked about when I get back to my office.

It would be weird if you got a call from a machine, but it doesn’t work like that at the other end. It just sends a text message to the other cell phone, telling them where to retrieve the message, which is probably why it doesn’t work on land-lines.

But, you can’t buy it from Core  Mobility. You have to wait for you cell phone company to start offering it. Sprint stores will be offering it soon in Samsung phones. Hopefully, other carriers will offer it soon too.

Interestingly enough, on the Core Mobility site, it is called Vnotes, rather than Voice SMS, so either the Mercury news got the story wrong, or Core Mobility needs to check their website against whatever press release they sent to the Merc.

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  • Doug van Kirk Says:

    Hi Laura: I enjoyed your blog entry. Just wanted to let you know that neither the Merc nor our press release department (that’s me) got it wrong (Actually, we haven’t sent out a release yet).
    Vnotes is Core Mobility’s name for the product. “SMS Voice Messaging” is Sprint’s name. It’s the same thing; I guess the Merc just figured it would be easier for everyone to understand if they called it by the name that Sprint does.
    Also, the phones ship to Sprint stores this week.

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