Learning by doing

One of the things you learn in college, at least good colleges, is that everything is interconnected. There is always a reason that one classes teaches one thing, and then the other, and they all fit together, and you can grab bits from everything. 

Or perhaps it is just me. I have always found that in life, and in work, that one event is not isolated, that we can learn from everything we do and apply it to our next task. When I worked in the library, while I was in college, I would flout, going from one branch to another, and each branch had come up with its own way of doing things, still within the system, but different approaches. And when I would go from branch to branch, like a bee, I would spread the pollen, saying, oh, at this branch they have solved this problem this way.

And I have continued to experience this  with the jobs I do these days as well, and it often works when I work with other people, or am given a job that I don't know how to do, and have to figure out. I bring this up, because I am doing a pro-bono job for ArtPoint, redoing their website. One of the things I had to do was come up with a way to let them update a portion of each page that repeated itself. I couldn't use Templates because they are not using Dreamweaver. 

Then, the solution became clear to me, use server side includes. It wouldn't be a menu, but information. So I used shtml, and was able to drop the new info in each page, but have only one place to change it. And the reason I knew to do this? I was working on another site where the other programmer said to me, "why don't we use shtml" and did, and solved the problem of constantly changing the menu for that client.

This is one of the problems with working isolated, the way we are, but when we work together, we cross-pollinate. I am very glad for that.

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