Keeping your portfolio up to date

It used to be fairly easy to keep ones portfolio up to date. All you had to do was get the latest samples and stick them on an appropriate page, betters ones in front, worse in the back. Usually helped if you had something important to say about each one as well.  This was, of course, back in the days when you actually had to beg clients for samples, and you had to haul those same samples around in a big black case to show off to prospective clients.

I still drag that case out, from time to time, and show off my over 20 years experience in about 14 pages for so, although I doubt I have anything in there from my early days. Actually, I only have a few things in there from the past few years, since clients don’t tend to give out samples these days…but that’s OK since I can always just take a screen-shot of what I want to put in my on-line portfolio.

Or, I would, if it were up to date. I tend to save updating my portfolio to times when I am not doing client work. The other day, a client whose site I update, wanted to have her portfolio updated. I assumed that this had not immediate deadline, and when I asked, I was told it had to be turned around right away. It was important for new business, and that she was going to be reviewing it every week, to make sure it had the best examples of her work.

This was a bit of a wake-up call for me. Of course, in this modern world, you do not know who is looking at your portfolio, and having the sort of stuff they are looking at might be the difference between getting a new client and not.

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