Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) when designing websites

When I first started in graphic design, printers told me to "keep it simple stupid" when designing things (also known as KISS). I was recently reminded of this when a client came to me, lamenting the designer of her shiny new website.

It seems he had set up the website so that it was quite nice, but every time she wanted to ad a section, a page, or more to the page, he had to jump over hopes, because he had not designed the site to expand. Granted, she had never told him that. I’m sure she didn’t even know what she wanted, but in building a very nice site that was made for just a certain amount of pages and words on the site, he made a fatal blunder. It was not easy to expand.

And thus he has lost this client, at least for updates.

It’s a hard choice. I too have designed sites that could not be expanded without a lot of work, but in doing so, I have also learned that it is easier to make a nice looking site that is easy to update, than a complicated site that takes as much time to update as it did to build it originally.

And this is not the first, and will probably not be the last site that I have gained because the original designer made it too hard to update. I got one about year ago, done all in Flash. It was quite lovely, and when I asked why the client wanted me to redo it, she said it was too expensive to keep updating in Flash. Keep it simple, she told me. Make it easy to update.

And so I did, and I have kept her happy with her site updates ever since.

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