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Did you think you were the only one getting all those junk faxes? No you are not alone, according to an Action Line column in the San Jose Mercury News. I get about five or six a week, but just thought, oh that is annoying. It is the price I pay for having a home business and a home fax, but this article opened my eyes. Dennis Rockstroh said he felt our pain, and that it was against the law to send junk faxes, but we are up against a big machine, so he suggested we check out the website called “Junk Fax“.

This is a scary site, because it basically says we are at war with an enemy that has an automatic dial that adds you to their list if their fax meets your fax. According to the site’s FAQs, you should save every junk fax you get. This is because most faxes came from one company and if you save them you can sue them to stop them. This is a fascinating part of the site, and I had one fax (as I keep throwing them away) and sure enough, it did come from Fax.com. Action Line, as well as the Junk Fax website, both suggest you resister with the Junk Fax site to help stop getting junk fax.

And you thought Spam was bad. Faxes are bad because they use up your toner and your paper, and are just annoying. I have had times when a fax is sitting in front of one from a client, so I don’t see it, because I didn’t remove it, expecting to just throw it away.

So save your junk faxes, and sue the SOBs.

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  • Gary Says:

    You can get revenge by using Fax Recovery Systems, Inc. services. FRS uses the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) to punish the junk fax blasters. And you will receive $100 per each fax for which a settlement can be obtained. The service is available for individuals and businesses. There is no charge for the service. (Note: I am the webmaster for FRS.)

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