Junk Fax II

If you go to the junk fax site mentioned in a previous blog, you will see that many faxes come from the same place. In fact, I spend a good part of the morning calling all the removal numbers, as all these faxes had caused me to use up another ink cartridge. grr. The voice for all but two of them were the same. The all had a bored woman saying, if we’ve send you faxes that you didn’t want, sorry, please enter your number and we won’t bug you again.

Yeah, right. I called a whole stack, and I hear, right now, another fax coming through. I’ll see if this will solve the problem, even temporarily.

What the “Junk Fax” recommends is saving all the faxes and suing the SOBs. But like spam, junk faxers have come up with a whole lot of ways to get around you. sigh.

I suppose the good news is that the FCC is supposed to be coming up with new regulations in 2005 to stop this. But we all know how much teeth they have.

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