I’ve been “blog spammed”

I was so pleased the other day. I don’t get many comments, as I’ve only been writing this blog since January or Feb., so when someone wrote that “I love your blog – you have a smooth writing style.” I was on cloud 9. I told Julia Hyde, who also has a blog. She brought me down from that cloud fast. “I had the same comment as well, from the same guy. He’s blog spamming.”

What a disappointment. So, what is “blog spamming?” It’s when someone goes around posting to blog sites, listing their url, sites that have nothing to do with their business, so they can boost their ranking on Google, or other search engines. Some people, such as the writer in this blog, gets hit so much they had to find ways to block. Apparently it is worse yet if you accept TrackBacks, which I don’t. As I said, I’m a little late in coming to the table, as Wired was writing about this back in October of last year. At that time there was some spider doing it.

Reading through all the entries talking about the horror of it all, I suppose I should be happy that it was just one comment, but it still hurts that the first positive comment I’ve had in a while was merely spam.

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