Itouch, without the manual

I bought an itouch the other day. It does not come with a manual. I suppose this is because it is supposed to be intuative. And I suppose in some ways it is. And I am actually the kind of person that doesn’t mind learning through doing too much. I learned almost all the progams I know that way, except for photoshop. So, when I saw there was a book out from the missing manual series I almost bought it. But by that time I had figured out all, or most of the cool tips it was going to reveal to me.

This has happened to me before, that I figure something out and find the new info lacking. The wosrt time it happened was with Pagemaker. This was when it first came out and I taught it to meself, from a borrowed copy, that did not have a manual. I kept thinking that if I could only get my hands on one it would let me do all the things that up to that point I hadn’t been able to. But, no. The manual, when I did finally get it had nothing new.

So, I have been plugging away with my itouch, learning more everyday, including how to do this entry using it. This means, that wherever I have wifi, I can blog, and, so, this entry, was made from bed.

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