iTouch, it’s just like the iPhone, but without the phone (or camera)

I have been very happy with the apps, now that my iTouch is working, and all the glitches of the upgrades are over with. I was visiting my brother this weekend, and was able to tap into his wifi, so I didn't have to borrow one of his computers, which has always been a problem in the past. This time, I was able to sit outside with he and his wife, and read blogs, or the latest news, and still feel I was part of whatever conversation might come up. It was also neat at the airport to tap into the WiFi there, and read or write or check email, or play any of the new app games that I'd downloaded. It even kept my daughter entertained when her iPod ran out of juice.

So, despite not having a phone in the iTouch, or a camera, I am still quite happy with my purchase. Everyday, it seems, there are more and more apps, and more stuff one can do with them. I even like the silly ones such as the bubbles one (apply named Bubbles), and my daughter likes the stupid stapler one (Sim Stapler).

My favorites are 'Brain Tuner" which tests your math facts, FireDrop, and Moonlight Mahjong. These are good ones to play when I don't have WiFi. Things I like when i do have WiFi are things like the New York Times, and Pandora Radio and AP Mobile News Network.

What I don't understand is why Apple left of the camera. I wonder if the next version of the iTouch will have that.

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