Is there a tried and true way to avoid being filtered out as spam? Hah!

Spam filters are everywhere. This is just something we live with, because of all the spam. No one likes opening up their mail to see it, or read it, or be tricked into reading it. They come up with common subject lines that they think people will at least open. They are sneaky, and write what appears to be a legitimate email, with a large graphic of whatever they are selling attached. And so, the filters have gotten stronger and stronger.

And why is this a problem? Because I often have gotten caught in those filters. I have sent pictures, and said the word word picture in my subject line. I had one client I would call after emailing photos of the project I was working on for them, to find that it had gone in the spam filter. It was all because of the subject heading. Another client kept getting my email filtered because the link I gave her had an IP address, rather than a typical url. I used the IP address so it would not boldly proclaim who was housing it, as I used it for many different clients.

Some of the ways people have avoided being spam is to use services such as Constant Contact or Campaigner, though that doesn’t always work, because some filters block anything that appears to be coming from a service.

So, what do you do? Some people have used something like CAPTCHA, so that only humans can post things, or fill out forms, or if you are not on their email list, you get an email asking you to do something, such as fill out a form, or join a group, so that you can send them email. Seems like a lot of bother to just communicate with someone.

The sad thing about all this, of course, is that real mail doesn’t go through, junk mail sometimes does, and my mother still won’t use email because of all the spam. :(

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