iPods are hot

The good news for Apple is that it’s music related side of the businesses is doing well. The only problem with that is they had an agreement with the Beatles’ Apple corporation that they would never go into the music business. Oops.

This is why, according to Chartattack, there are no Beatles’ music on the iTunes site. Makes sense. There are many good tunes, even independent artists, but no Beatles.

According to an article in The Register, they are not even going to be able to fight this in court in the United States, where they wanted to, but in the UK, which is where Apple Corp is headquartered. Apple wants to win. They want to release iTunes in the UK, and elsewhere. Since the iTunes Music store launched, Apple has sold about 70-75 million songs. Not quite 100 million as hoped, but close.

However, the iPod is sold overseas, and apparently is so popular in the UK that is the choice of thieves, according to another article in The Register. Apparently iPods are the hottest thing out there. Apple is on its way to becoming something other than a computer company. In face, according to Apple, more iPods were sold in the last quarter than Macs.They sold 807,000 iPods and 749,000 Macs.

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