Ipod Shuffle

Ipod_2I went to MacWorld this month. I would like to say that I had a wonderful time, wish you were there sort of time, but I didn’t reality. The vendors were all in Moscone South, instead of both North and South, which was rather odd. The big names were there, with Apple, of course That’s it on the left, next to a match stick, to show just how small it really is.
Amazing, really, is the sound. Everyone who listens to it, and I do sort of grab people and make them listen, has commented about how good the sound is.

But, like the reviewer in the Mercury News, it is a shame that you can’t pick the song you want, as you can with the other iPods. At first this didn’t bother me, but then, after a few listens, I wanted to go back to something I had heard earlier, but now couldn’t find.

And as one friend pointed out, what was the point of the ipod? Why did you need to have one. Couldn’t you just listen to the music already in your mind? But then, another Friend spoke what I felt. They said, now, they could finally afford one without trying to figure out if they should spend the money. And according to a Forbes report, once again Apple has underestimated how many of us our out there with the same feelings.


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