Inventions I need now!

I love Silicon Valley. I remember when I first moved here, nearly 20 years ago, and saw all the buildings where the things I worked with were invented. I marveled at the Apple Building, which is very visible from the freeway. I remember seeing others, and wondering why more people weren’t in awe. So, just the same way, I love reading local publications, such as Silicon Valley Biz Inc and San Jose Business Journal. It was a recent article in the Silicon Valley Biz Ink that caught my eye.

Apparently someone has invented something I would love to get my hands on, so to speak. Canesta has invented something called a virtual keyboard for cell phones. But this wasn’t what the story was about (and unfortunately I can’t buy it because they don’t’ sell to customers, but to the companies building the phone.) No, the article was about letting robots see in 3-D. OK, perhaps I have been out of the loop, but I haven’t see any of these virtual keyboards out there, but I want one, now. I can’t figure out how to type words in my cell phone, and certainly not send text massages. Yet, the article said that they didn’t expect to penetrate more than 10 percent of the cell phone market, because people didn’t like portable keyboards.

OK, I may be an idiot. There are some who think so, but portable keyboards take up space. I keep my cell phone in my pocket or purse, and there is no room for a portable keyboard of any size. But there is room for a virtual one. This one is projected on a flat surface, sees where your fingers hit the keys, and fills in the blanks, so to speak. No keyboard, to pack up and cary around. It’s all stored in the cell phone.

So please, hurry and bring the phone out on the market. I think you will be surprised. Pleasantly surprised. I’ll be first in line.

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