Interesting and Useful Friday Sites

I wanted to only write about useful sites, because I found a very useful one, but then, I found interesting links as well, so this is going to be a combo thing this week. I guess the theme of this weeks Friday sites is that I saw them, and said "Oh, I’ve got to go back and read that some more." So here they are in all their glory.

  • Design Float Ok, so this isn’t useful, but it is interesting. It is a digg like site showing things of interest to the design community.
  • Taming the Beast:  I haven’t been through the whole site, but what I liked about this page of the site was that it has a script that I found "really" useful. And I had been looking for  a while. This was something I needed for a non profit (EarBud), and it works great. I will probably use it again, and make a donation to the site.
  • Article on Laws that aren’t enforced.
  • Ad Freak-This is put out by AdWeek, a print magazine that I find a bit on the expensive side to subscribe to, but I’m glad they they have this, a place for the odd ads that are out there. This was mentioned on PC Magazines Favorite 100 Blogs. Wow. I could spend all year looking at all the ones they mentioned.

And that is it for this week. I’ve got to get back to work.

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